Microphone discussion system for critical applications


CDS200 delegate unit

Each microphone unit has a built-in loudspeaker to enhance intelligibility and a backlit on/off button making it easy for delegates to operate their own microphone.

The flexible gooseneck microphone stem has a red LED ring which lights up to indicate when the microphone is live. This helps the other delegates to identify where a speaker is in the room.

CDS200 microphone unit


The CDS-200 system is the perfect solution for any meeting requiring reliable microphone control and powerful voting functions. The entire system is flexible enough to be integrated easily into any conferencing situation. Versatile graphic and sound outputs are available, and its easy-to-use interface enables uncomplicated operation.

The CDS-200 system combines traditional Brahler-quality microphone management with advanced audience response facilities, all built into sturdy and attractive consoles with integrated chip card readers for delegate identification. Up to 1024 consoles can be controlled from a single Windows PC or laptop, providing highly-scalable possibilities for any room layout.

CDS-200 may be combined with the powerful and versatile Digivote®-2000 software to offer camera switching control, powerful data analysis and processing, and complex audience response features. Other possible features include hand-held microphones and voice-activation for fully automated, hands-free discussion.

  • » Broadcast-quality sound, in a robust and easy-to-use package
  • » Simple single-cable technology with minimal installation times
  • » Integrated Chip Card reader to control access and identify delegates
  • » Colour-coded voting facility with high-impact results presentation
  • » Flush mount or freestanding delegate unit housings are available
  • » Microphone and voting control through a PC screen or dedicated console
  • » Fully integrated and scalable congress system

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