How Brahler helps Europe’s top football teams reach fans worldwide

Equipment for football press conferences provided by Brahler

The Champions League and Europa League are Europe’s two elite club football competitions, and leading professional conference technology suppliers, Brahler UK, provide audio & Interpretation equipment and expertise for pre-match and match day press conferences, which are often broadcast around the globe.

With a potential audience of hundreds of millions, the provision of excellent broadcast quality, reliable audio technology for the benefit of the clubs, their sponsors, the media and international fans is crucial.

Brahler also provides the sound desk, microphones and audio distribution amplifiers. Its specialist audio technicians are on-hand to assist with the media set up, working alongside the likes of the BBC, Sky and BT, Talk Sport, to connect cameras and other visual equipment into the audio interpretation system.

Press conferences, whether leading up to a match day, or on the day of the game itself, serve to build anticipation, offer an insight into team selection and provide comment on a range of topics. Despite the added pressure of live broadcasts, Brahler has repeatedly delivered a premium-level performance and support service.

Due to the multi-national nature of the European competitions, interpretational services are often required too. Brahler also provides professional interpreters for any language combination, as well as hardware including interpreter booths, headsets for journalists and earpieces for managers and players addressing a room of journalists.

So, the next time you are listening to or watching a Champions League or Europa League press conference, it could be Brahler’s team making it all possible.

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