Portable tourguide system

NEW Digital Tourguide System

The latest generation of digital INFOPORT tourguide system builds on the success of previous generations by offering the following benefits:

  • » Fast charging of approx. 2.5 hours
  • » 8 hours battery life
  • » Automatic on/off switching saves battery
  • » Hand-held or headworn microphones
  • » Up to 100m outdoor range
  • » Up to 6 channels may be used simultaneously

Ideal for Small Groups or factory tours

Infoport is a portable Radio-Frequency wireless transmission (tourguide) system operating in either the 30-50 MHz or in the case of Infoport Digital, the 863 - 865 MHz band. It features rechargeable battery-powered headset receivers and a handheld battery-powered microphone transmitter with integrated antenna. It is ideal for use by tour guides in noisy environments and for simultaneous interpretation where there are under 20 delegates using a small number of languages. Infoport may also be used to supplement a full SI system when a small delegation is added at short notice.

The receivers come with an integrated storage case with battery charger, which can fully recharge the Digital Infoport headsets in just 2.5 hours. Each system is supplied with a hand-held microphone transmitter with lavalier for hands-free use, or alternatively a headword microphone with body pack transmitter can be supplied.


infoport system

Specifically designed to be easy to transport and even easier to set up, the Infoport system comes in charging cases of 20 headset receivers including a tranmitter microphone with line level input to allow soundtracks to be played through the headsets.


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